Hoisin Duck Puff

This delicous little gem features one of the most prominent players in the Vegan market at the moment! Linda Mcartney Hoisin Shredded Duck. If you haven’t found this yet… find it. It’s scary how similar this product is to the real thing!

This is so simple to make, and such a bloody tasty dinner, you can even use this one for impressive dinner parties!

Let’s get down to it!


Linda Mcartney Hoisin Duck
Puff Pastry
Blue Dragon Hoisin Sauce
Red Cabbage
Orange Pepper
Baby Corn

2016-11-26 13.43.27.png

A few hours before you are going to have dinner, make the filling, it needs time to cool.
If you add the filling to the pastry when it is warm, you will melt it and cry.

Right, grab some Linda Mcartney Pulled Hoisin Duck and chuck it in a hot Wok with a bit of oil, toss it around until you get some nice browns bits and slop in a little Blue Dragon Hoisin Sauce. Push it around with a wooden spoon and show it who’s boss.


Tip it all in a bowl, cover with cling film and push it away from you… rip the cling film off and scoff the lot. Bugger, you’ll have to start again.
This time, cover with cling film and go and put it in the car so you aren’t tempted.
Now chop up your veggies.
Heat your Wok back up with some oil and toss your veggies around until they are still a bit crunchy but have browned edges, slop in a bit more sauce and poke it around and show it who’s boss again, they thought they were going to get away with it. Ha!


In another bowl, tip the veggies in and cover. Put it in the car if you have to but don’t make eye contact with the duck.


A few hours later, at dinner time, take out some Puff Pastry from the fridge and leave for 5-10 mins before unrolling.
If you don’t, that shit will be too tough and break up when you try to use it. Stupid puffy deliciousness.

Unroll and cut out 2 Squares for each portion. Make sure one of them is bigger than the other, both length and width, as it will need to fit over the filling and cover the edges.
Grab your filling from the… ah nuts, it’s raining. Grab your coat and do your silly ‘it’s raining’ tiptoe run that we all know you do, and get the filling from the car.

Put the veggies on the smaller square first, leaving a fingernail sized rim round the edges, then add your duck on top.


Lay the bigger sqaure on top and sort of squidge and pinch the edges so there are no gaps and nothing can seep out.
Then cut a line, or a V or whatever poncey thing you want on top, so you don’t end up with a mini explosion in the god damn oven you just cleaned 2 days ago.
Pour some of the Hoisin sauce in a teeny bowl, and use a cooking brush to spread some on the top.


Pop on some non stick baking paper on a baking tray on a pre-heated oven on 200c for about 20 mins, or until it’s golden brown.

Get it out, put it on a plate and eat it with your face.


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