Sweet Potato Curry Risotto

First things first! Let me introduce my stoopid self!

Hello! I am Weird Vegan Lady! Aka ‘Oi! Wife!’ Aka ‘Mummy, I wet myself!’ Aka Amy! Nice to meet you. Hope you’re having an ace day, and are looking forward to some crazy… Cause that’s what you’re gonna get! Oh and some food… There may be some of that too, we’ll see!
Ok, lets get down to business. I’m going to show you how to cook a favourite in our household. Everyone loves this staple dish in our gaff! Including our 3 kids, ranging from 1-6 years old, when this comes out… Forget pudding! We all want seconds instead!
Winter is here! There is a chill in the air and a fresh salad just ain’t gonna cut it! BUT this is still a healthy and hearty dish, that will warm you whole body… Not your fingernails or hair though, unless you dip them in it. Don’t do that.
There is an option to use mild, medium or hot Curry powder. Personally I love spicy food, however, I think you get the benefit of all the flavours if you stick to mild here, but that’s just my opinion, and I have 3 kids so I am used to being ignored! Do whatever you like, but don’t come crying to me if you make the wrong choice!
This dish serves 4 adults, or in our case, 2 adults, 2 fussy kids and a toddler!

Enough of my incessant rambling! Get your oven gloves ready, whack some tunes on, and get in your chef zone!

Some Coconut Oil for cooking (or any other oil)
1 Small White Onion
3 Small Sweet Potatoes
300g Arborio Risotto Rice
1ltr Vegetable Stock
1tbsp Curry Powder (make the right decision!)
2Tsp Thyme
150g Frozen Peas
2 handfuls of Spinach (I used 4 cubes of frozen)
Non Dairy Cream (I used Oatly)
Salt and Pepper

Pre-heat your oven to 210c
Get a baking tray, line with nonstick brown paper stuff and plop a teaspoon of your oil in the middle. Wait, a little to the left… No LEFT! Oh whatever, that’ll do! Cast it aside like a friend who’s really pissed you off and ignore it for a bit.
Grab that really pretty shallow casserole dish you have… Or that plain one, who cares. Plop another teaspoon of oil in. Push it away… Everyone’s annoying you today. Perfect time for wine.
While they are thinking hard about what they did, get your chopping board out, wash your Sweet Potatoes, dry off and chop into 1 inch chunks. Skin on baby!
Throw them onto the lined baking tray, season and pop into the oven until they are soft. If you are a confident cook, you can do this alongside the rest, if not, I recommend you get it done and ready before you start the next part. They will be fine left on the side waiting for their moment! In fact, it makes them feel kinda special. Bless ’em.

Mix your veggie stock with your thyme and set aside.
Dice your onion, chuck it into the casserole dish and into the oven.
After about 1 minute, and the oil has turned to liquid, take it out and move your onion around a bit until it’s smothered in the delicious elixir.
Roast until some are starting to turn brown. If you get distracted by shaking your beautiful behind to your favourite song, you’re gonna have to start again or it will taste like you’re an idiot. You do not want your dinner to taste of your idiocy.
Once happy medium has been reached, take it out, sprinkle over your rice, curry powder and cover with the stock. If any little bits of rice float, drown the bastards.
Don’t worry about all the rice being hidden, and it looking like you’re making a really big yellow drink, that shit’s gonna plump up like all it eats is cake, so be patient!
Have some more wine.

It’s going to go back in for another 20minutes so set an alarm on your mobile.
Now you can do more kitchen dancing. Man, I love a kitchen dance. Go on… No ones watching!
Ok, the alarm is shouting at you like a mosquito in a megaphone. Switch it off. Switch it off! Switch it…. Throw it at the wall and claim on insurance.
Take the dish out, give it a swirl with a wooden spoon. There shouldn’t be much liquid left, but enough to make it easy to move around. If it’s too liquidy, chuck it back in until it looks a bit like this.

When you’re happy with the consistency topple in your peas and spinach, stir it up and chuck it back in for a few minutes.
We are almost there folks! Smells gooood right?
Ok stop sniffing the air, you look weird.
Take it out… I assume you have been using oven gloves this whole time?! If not, abandon the dinner, go to A&E and sort yourself out! Yikes. Never cook again.

Stir. Cream in. Stir. Salt and pepper. Stir.
Potatoes on top in a pretty pattern ’cause, you know, it looks good and you want people to tell you it does. Ego boost dude.
Warm it up in the oven for 2 minutes.

Use a spoon to put it into bowls.
Use your face to eat it.
Use your ears to hear the oohs and aahs.