Pea and Mushroom Stroganoff

Oh my gah!!
We wolfed this down!
It’s so bloody simple and quick to make so I am going to try my best to keep my weird silliness to a minimum!

Olive Oil
1 White Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
1TBSP Paprika
300g Mushrooms – Use different types
300ml Veg Stock
1TBSP Vegan Worcester
150g Frozen Peas
5TBSP Oatly Creme Fraiche
Handful of fresh chopped Parsley


Yeah I know… I totally forgot to put the Peas and Parsley in the picture, by the time i’d realised, it was in our bellies!

Roughly chop your mushrooms, I used closed cup and forestière, dice Mr Onion Face and mince or finely chop your Garlic.

Sweat the Onion in a deep frying pan over a medium heat until soft and slippery. Add the Garlic and Paprika and push it around the pan for a couple of minutes.


Chuck in your Mushrooms, and cook down for 5-10 minutes, or until they have softened, keep it on the move so you don’t burn your Onion and Garlic.


Add your Stock, Peas and Worcester, and reduce for a few minutes until it’s thickened.


Turn the heat off, throw in your Parsley and twist in some Black Pepper. Give it a mix.


Tip some cooked Rice into a bowl ready for your Stroganoff, this will give your food time to cool down before adding the Creme Fraiche, if you do it immediately, you risk it splitting. So plop it in now, stir it up, get it on your Rice, you know what to do…

Yup. Eat it.