Vegan for the Environment

Of all the reasons to go Vegan, this one affects everyone, and everything, including future generations. When someone says that eating meat and dairy is a choice, it is not our place to get angry, ridicule, be judgmental or bash them for it. It is far better to educate, as they simply aren’t aware of the implications their diet has on everyone else. I didn’t know any of this up until I researched it, and I would have been put off if someone had been negative towards me, and most likely wouldn’t have listened to what they had to say. So feel free to send them here for some information if you think it will help.

The documentary I recommend for far more information, and to scare the crap out of you, is Cowspiracy.
It’s free on youtube!

Here, I will tell all kinds of crazy things about how a plant based diet affects the world, but the documentary can give you all the facts and figures in far more detail than I can.

So what if I told you that, if the world went Vegan, we would end world hunger, cut Co2 by half, end 90% of deforestation,  save our oceans and the world?
A pipe dream? Fantastical? Crazy?

Not at all! In fact, all of this is true!
Let me explain my loony rantings!


Animal agriculture is the number 1 contributer to climate change.
Raising animals for food uses:
33% of all the Earth’s water
45% of all the Earth’s land
And check this out… it causes 91% of the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.
This is because 136million acres have been cleared so far, just to make room for raising cattle for ‘food’ as well as the grains, including soy, to feed them. Not the soy that feeds humans. Just the soy that feeds the cows, who then ‘feed’ us.
There are many omnivores who are fighting against palm oil, and that is absolutely a very important cause, but they don’t realise that no where near the amount of rainforest is destroyed for palm oil than for meat. We need to fight the big fight first. And boy is it big!

2016-12-08 23.19.42.png

Lets look at global gas emissions.
Most people would immediately think of cars and planes… transport.
Ok, yes. If we took ALL of the vehicles in the entire world into consideration, and I mean every car, truck, lorry, plane, motorbike, boat etc, that exists,  they make up 13% of all greenhouse gas emissions from the earth.
Lets compare that to just cattle alone, raised for food and milk. Just cattle.
Wait for it… they produce more than 51% of all the greenhouse gas emissions from earth.
Not all the other animals raised for food as well. That statistic is for. Just. Cattle. Alone.
Vehicles produce the gas, Co2. Cows produce the gas, methane. Methane is around 72 times more destructive than Co2.


Cattle also produce 130 times more waste than the entire human population. (There wouldn’t be anywhere near as many cattle if they weren’t artificially impregnated by humans over and over)
Most of this waste ends up in our oceans, killing marine life, but not as fast as us, we take a staggering 2.7trillion lives out of our oceans each year!
Experts have predicted, if we continue at this rate, we will have fishless oceans by 2048. Yes. Really.


On the subject of water, the life source of our planet, here are the facts.

It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce 1lb of beef. It takes 900 gallons of water to produce 1lb of cheese. It takes 477 gallons of water to produce 1lb of eggs.


So what is all this ‘ending world hunger rubbish’?
We have all seen the heartbreaking adverts on TV. You may give to charity. You may have even gone out, seen it for yourself and helped!
Unfortunately, you can give and give and give to charity, but it won’t change a thing.
Let me put it this way…
On this planet, we grow enough food to feed 12-15 billion people.
There are only 7 billion people on earth.
So why are there still 1 billion people pleading for help and starving to death?
This is almost all because, 50% of the grains and legumes including soya beans, are fed to the animals being raised for the ‘fortunate’ to eat.
Just re-read that, and take a moment to think that through.


So after learning all of this, some people might think ‘ok, that’s pretty disturbing, I will make an effort to only buy grass fed, organic beef and dairy, humans don’t eat grass’
Unfortunately, that’s even worse!
For example, if the entire population of the USA switched to grass fed beef and dairy, that cattle would need 3.7 billion acres of land. For perspective, the USA only has 1.9 billion acres! And we were only talking about the amount of land it would take to provide beef and dairy to American Omnivores. Not any other country. And not any other animal.
Don’t be fooled by the labels ‘organic’ and ‘grass fed’. They are labels to appeal to the guilt of those who feel like they want to do something better, so that they can still take your money.


To finish off, let me give you a crazy but true statistic to show you the scale of this industry. This will show you why there is meat and dairy propaganda everywhere, everyday. This will show you how much money is in this industry. And the unbelievable, corrupted power they have over governments all over the world, including ours. And believe me, they do.

Why is this not international news?
Because. Of. Money.
To feed this planet devastating industry, 70 billion animals are reared and slaughtered globally each year for human consumption. Yikes.
But listen to this… humans slaughter an absolutely incredible 6 MILLION animals. Every. Single. Hour. Every. Single. Day. For the meat and dairy industry.
Imagine the money!
Cowspiracy goes into more detail on this. Including a woman who was famously murdered for speaking out about the truth in all of this.


This is the tip of the iceberg.

When a lot of people discover the frightening truth, they think ‘Well what in the holy heck can I do?! Those number are huge and i’m only me!’

Well here are the good feeling statistics!

Compared to the average Omnivorous diet, a Vegan diet produces 1/2 the amount of Co2. Uses 1/11 the amount of fossil fuel. Uses 1/13 the amount of water, and an amazing 1/18 of the amount of land!!

So with that in mind, every single day, a Vegan saves, 1100 gallons of water, 45lbs of grain, 30 sqaure foot of forest, the equivalent of 20lbs of Co2. And 1 animal’s life. Plus, anything you can eat as an omnivore, you can eat Vegan!


Not only that… But with kindness, positivity, education and good food, you can encourage others to do so.

At the time of writing this, in under 1 year, I have encouraged 17 people to make changes or go fully Vegan. Those are only the people who have told me though, there will be others who have quietly made changes as well.

So think about it…

What planet will you leave to your children, through no fault of their own?

Is a cheeseburger really worth devastating our environment?

The sad truth is, actually, our planet will be fine. It will correct itself, as it has done before. But it will wipe us out doing it and we will be long gone by the time it safe for us to live again.

As they say… Sometimes, the trash takes itself out. Inspire. Encourage. Change.

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