Mediterranean Sausage Roll-ups

Well don’t these look super awesome?! Great for a dinner party, or even cold to snack on from the fridge! I couldn’t resist and ended up eating them all the next day before anyone else could try them… Whoops! The perks of being a stay at home mum!

The beauty of these is, you can remove anything you don’t like and replace it with something else you do. If you can’t be arsed to do a homemade sauce, chuck on some free from pesto or pizza sauce, i’m not forcing you, like some ‘from scratch drug-pusher’

Always remember, when using Pastry, that your Sauce needs to be cool or it will all melt and you will ruin everyones day, even mine somehow…

I used Frys Vegetarian Polony here which is delicious and left overs can be used for sandwiches too!

I can’t really think of anything else to say… So…


Jus Roll Puff Pastry
Vegetarian Polony  (optional)
1 Red Onion
2 Cloves Garlic
12 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Red Pepper
1 Orange Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
4 Mushrooms
1/4 of an Aubergine (peeled)
1 tsp Fennel Seeds
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp Oregano
Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Sweet Hot Peppers to serve

First things first, our sauce! Pre-heat your oven to 190c chop your red and orange Peppers into nice, chunky chunks, slice Mr Onion Face and squish your Garlic. Topple them onto an oiled baking tray with the Cherry Tomatoes and season with your herbs. Time to get a wriggle on, gently shake your tray back and forth to get your veggies covered in a fine layer of Oil and seasoning, a couple of tomatoes fall out, just put them back in, no ones looking! Fun fact, when I tried to type ‘Tomatoes’ it came out as ‘Tamagotchi’ for some reason. Anywho, get it in the oven and bake until they have a little char and the Tamagotchi’s have gone a bit squishy.

Let it cool for a bit, and then whiz it up in a blender, with all the herbs – make sure you scoop them all in – blend as smooth or coarse as you like, but the runnier it is, the harder it is to do the next step. Get it in the fridge until it’s cool enough to work with.

Take your pastry out 10 minutes before you start, grab your other ingredients and slice them nice and small or thin. Roll out your pastry gently and spread your delicious sauce. Make sure you leave an inch gap around the edges, or it will all seep out when you try to roll and you’ll end up with a tasty, tasty mess! Arrange your Sausage and Veg, be generous! And now it’s time to get rollin’!

You want to roll it long ways, starting from the short edge, and rolling to the other short edge, so you get as much ‘roll’ as possible. Try and roll it as tight as possible, without squishing out any ingredients or breaking the Pastry, don’t worry about it feeling lumpy or looking too much of a mess… the oven is magical and somehow makes them look all profesh! 
Once rolled, grab a sharp knife and flour it on both edges each time you slice, this will stop it being an idiot and sticking to all your Pastry and ruining all your hard work. It’ll probably stop you swearing at it too. Unless you happen to be singing along to Eminem at the time. Slice them into 1-2 inch pieces and lay them on some non stick paper, on a baking tray. Don’t have them sticking up in the air, they will fall apart, lay them down like you’re tucking them up in bed, aww night night.

Geat a slice of Sausage, Pepper or Tomato on top, brush them with a little oil around the edges and season. I used a little Nutritional Yeast and black Pepper. Cook them on 190c for about 25mins, more or less depending on your oven.
Dude, you did it!! Cool huh!? Put any left overs in the fridge, they are great cold or re-heated.

 Stuff your face.