Easy Peasy Pizza!

This is so ridiculously easy it’s almost embarrassing! However, I am here to give you super awesome, and doable, Vegan meals for your kiddy winks, that they will actually like, and therefore consume with gusto! No complaints! So here is another fab one, for those ‘back from school’ rushes.

You can chop and change your toppings to suit your childs likes and loves. This is another one the kids can join in with, and get to know their food a bit more, which is really important for kids! It builds their confidence, and peaks their interest in food, which curbs fussy eating!

So here goes,

1 Tortilla
Pizza Sauce (WVL recipe coming soon!)

Your choice of toppings, I used:
Frys Polony
Nutritional yeast

Firstly, put your grill on a medium heat and place your Tortilla underneath for about 3 minutes, or until it has firmed, not black! There is a fine line, so keep your eyes on it!

Remove the Tortilla and spread your Pizza sauce on top, spruce it up with your choice of toppings, and back under the grill it goes until the edges are browned.

It really is that simple! My eldest son said it was ‘better than Pizza Express Pizza!’ Which is the best compliment in the world coming from a fussy 6 year old!

If your toppings need a bit more than a couple of minutes under the grill, mushrooms for example, then cook those before hand, as your Tortilla takes minutes, if it’s overcooked, it will just be a shattery black mess!

Chop it up, and enjoy some peace while the kids chow down! Bliss!