Chilli Bean Tortilla Cups

I had so many people asking me for this recipe on the Weird Vegan Lady facebook page… and I can guarantee that none of you will be disappointed! These. Are. Yum.

You can use some left over Chilli of your own to stuff them with, or I highly recommend using my 3 Bean Chilli, the easy recipe is through this, lightning fast link:

So all you need, along side your Chilli, is as many Tortillas as you like! Each Tortilla makes 2 cups, and you can go for Gluten Free and get the same results! Some Toothpicks, 2 per Cup. Some cooked Rice and some Baking Paper.

So that’s:





Baking Paper

Pre-heat your oven to 200c.
Grab a Tortilla, and slice it in half.

We are going to fold these like you’re wrapping a present, a tasty little treat for your mush. Wrapping presents for yourself is totally allowed!

So fold your first half over like this:

Then fold the other half over and weave a tooth pick through the folded pieces, not through the back, or you will just seal it completely. Rookie mistake!

Next, you need to fold the bottom upwards, making sure there are no gaps in the corners for your Bean juice to seep out and land in your crotch, resulting in an awkward party conversation… thread another stick through the bottom, again, leaving the back un-stabbed.

Then, tear off a bit of baking paper and stuff it in, making the cup shape.

Throw them all in the oven. They should only need about 6-8 minutes, if they start to turn brown, they are done, a little browned on the edges is fine, but any more than that and they will shatter when you get your gnashers round them!

So now it’s time to get stuffed. Either fill with just the 3 Bean Chilli, or with Rice. If you are using Rice, try and layer it with the Chilli, or you will end up with mouthfuls of dry Rice and Tortilla… you can always mix the Rice and Beans together?

You’re done! Awesome! Serve with Vegan Soured Cream, I use Oatly Creme Fraiche because it’s amazing.

Eat ’em!

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