Tandoori Sweet Potato Toast

All my recipes are fairly simple, at least I like to think they are! But this one really is easy! Takes no time at all! Well… obviously it takes some time, thinking it will just magically appear when you smash the ingredients together is just stupid Meg. Don’t be stupid.

Fed up of the usual samosas, bhajis and pakoras? Try this for an Indian side dish and wow yourself, and your friends if you care about what they think…


1 Large Sweet Potato

WVL Tandoori Paste – https://weirdveganlady.com/2017/01/17/tandoori-paste/

That’s it!

So we need to get our Sweet Potato down to Toast size. My biggest tip here, is to chop a small bit off the side to give it a flat edge, and put that side down on your chopping board. This stops it rolling all over the place, giving you wonky edges and chopping your fingers off, cause they are pretty ‘handy’ in their full form. See what I did there?!

Slice each piece down to about 1-2cm thickness, and lay them down on some non stick paper, on a baking tray and shove it under the grill.

Once it starts to colour, about 5 minutes, turn it over and do it again.

Take it out and brush half of your Tandoori Paste onto the top and sides, and chuck it back in until it starts to char a little.

Now turn it over and repeat the process on the other side, until it’s gorgeously charred and orangey, poke it with a fork to make sure it’s soft inside, and now all you have to do is shovel it into your gob with great enthusiasm.