Supergreen Curry

I love the colour green! For many reasons… green is planet friendly, green is a sign of life, green is pure and healthy. I also just like the colour! How the heck do you describe why you simply like the look of a colour? I have stumped myself. Anywho… here is a tasty and healthy green curry!

Supergreen Curry Paste
1 head of Broccoli Florets
10 Green Beans
1/4 Red Pepper
1 can of Coconut Milk
1 can of Chickpeas – rinsed and drained

The recipe for my paste will have to be made from scratch as you can’t buy an alternative in the shops, but it’s the easiest ever! And it’s just through this door —>

Ok folks! Let’s get on it! Get some Brown Rice boiling in a pan ready to serve. Sort out your Chickpeas, trim the edges off you’re Beans, separate your Broccoli and slice your Pepper into thin strips. Open your can of Coconut milk if you want to be extra organised. I am one of those cooks who will have absolutely everything perpared first, otherwise there will be an abundance of swearing and grunting, stuff gets burnt and I end up using twice the amount of pots and pans because I ruined the gosh darn thing trying to tend to Cauliflower while my Onion is burning!

Right! Ready? Good…
Grab a good non stick wok, or the biggest non stick pan you have and set it over a medium heat. If you don’t have non stick, you can use oil, but it won’t be as kick-ass healthy as it could be. Get your Curry Paste and Green Beans in, and sizzle them together for about 4 minutes. Shove it around and show ’em who’s boss. Yeah that’s right, you are.

Next, toss in your Broccoli and push it around for a couple of minutes so it doesn’t get too comfortable… then in goes the Coconut Milk, turn the heat down low and give it a good stir.

Then bring the heat up to medium again, and let the edges bubble, keep stirring and combining, if the sauce reduces too much and the Broccoli isn’t submerged by at least half, add a little hot water to keep it cooking, this will make sure your Broccoli stops being a hard-ass. It should take about 10 minutes, but keep poking it with a fork to be sure.

Once your Broccoli is almost as soft as you like it, tip in the beautiful rinsed and drained Chickpeas, and stir it all through.

After about 3-5 minutes, all the veg should be perfectly cooked, and the sauce should be absorbed into the Brocolli, which means every bite will be packed with juicy flavor! Turn off the heat, throw in the raw Red Pepper and mix it up.

Bish Bash Bosh. Serve with your Rice and eat it till you’ve eaten it.

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