Ultimate Decadent Cashew Cheese Sauce


My my… what do we have here? Something that will leave you longing for more… kids love it… totally dairy free… cruelty free… creamy, cheesy heaven.

My life will never be the same upon creating this recipe, and neither will yours! Here is the Vegan cheese recipe to trump all others!

100g dried Cashews
5 TBSP Nutritional Yeast
1 carton of Oatly Cream

Ok, either soak your Cashews over night. Tip some water on them and cover, drain in the morning. Or, soak them for 1 hour. Pour boiling water on them, cover with cling film and drain in an hour.

Add them to the blender and give them a quick blitz to break them down a little, then add your cream, yup, all of it! I called this ‘Ultimate Decadent’ Cashew Cheese Sauce for a reason! Give it another longer whiz and make sure it’s all combined. Add your Nooch (Nutritional Yeast) and blend again. Then, all that’s left to do is add Salt and Black Pepper until you are happy with the seasoning, and voila! Now you need to decide what to do with it!

Cauliflower cheese? Lasagne topping? Drizzle on pizza? As a base for Vegan Carbonara? On top of a pasta bake? Or simply stirred through fresh penne? The choice is yours! If you haven’t eaten it all from the blender already…

Yum! Enjoy!