Chilli Bean Risotto

As you may have noticed… I have a little obsession with Risotto! It all started years ago, when I first fell into my love affair with cooking. Risotto was dubbed one of the most difficult things to ‘get right’ and came with achy legs from standing, stirring and giving up!

This was until I found a recipe that made all of this ‘I can’t cook Risottos’ go away. Now, it’s a staple in my household, a once a week dish and something I can really play around with! It’s easy! Plus… you don’t even have to watch it! Just pop it in and bugger off to do whatever the hell else you want to do. This one, is Whole Food Plant Based! 

150g Short Grain Brown Rice
75g Black Turtle Beans
75g Red Kidney Beans
1/2 Red Onion
1 Clove Garlic
1/2 Red Pepper
1TBSP Tomato Puree
500ml Veg Stock
2tsp Chilli Powder
1tsp Ground Coriander
1ts Paprika
1tsp Cumin
Black Pepper
Righty ho then! Chop Mr Onion Face and slice the Pepper. I use organic Beans, buy them in bulk, soak and cook them and store them in the freezer in batches of 75g. This means I can throw them in whenever I am making something. Canned beans are great, but often contain salt and are in much larger quantities that I need, so I end up wasting some of them, or over eating! Beans aren’t the worst thing to over eat, I know… but there is no point in stuffing myself until I feel sick and lethargic. It puts me in a ‘I can’t be bothered to do anything, leave me the hell alone’ kind of state. Being a mum of 3 (4 if you count the husband) and a dog… I can’t afford that kind of attitude! I also make my own Vegetable Stock and keep it in the freezer, but a Stock cube will do the trick if you’ve run out!

Anyway, enough about me! Let’s talk about you! Pre-heat the oven to 210c, go on, do it. Chuck your Onion and Spices in a small casserole dish, no need for oil, and bake for about 5 minutes. Mince the garlic, or chop finely and add it. Give it time to start to char on the edges, but don’t burn it!

Then, chuck it all in! This recipe is so super easy that there isn’t really much to say… so i’ll tell you something random about me again instead. When I was 9 i was invited along with a couple of other kids in my class, to appear on Diggit on TV in their feature ‘Roadhog’, a kids program. They did silly things like gunge people in pointless games and do quizzes etc. My job, was to say ‘You’re back with Roadhog and we’re on a train!’ I was then asked questions by the presenter everyone fancied, (looking back, I now realise he was a spotty teenager with a terrible haircut, but he seemed like a super gorgeous adult back then) I was so nervous and grinned like an idiot! He then asked me about my pets, I had 2 Cats called Fluff and Muffin, and I was asked to wave into the camera and say ‘Hi!’ with a goofy smile. Cringe.

Anyway, back to dinner. Get it all in the oven, and bake for about 25-30 minutes.

You’ll have a bit of liquid left… which actually makes it extra yummy! If you want to have some leftovers the next day, the liquid slowly gets soaked up, but it’s still super delicious! And contrary to popular belief, re-heated brown rice is actually super good for your gut, as it acts like a prebiotic! Just make sure you heat it up as hot as the sun, and let it cool a bit before you eat it. Yum!

As always… eat it with your face.

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