Thai Green Soup

As you can tell, with soup, I believe in just letting your creativity take over. In all honesty, you would be hard pushed to get soup wrong. Granted, some flavours don’t go well together, but if there is a dish you enjoy… make it into a soup! This way, you can chuck many more different ingredients, and therefore nutrients, in than you would usually with a main dish. My soup ‘recipes’ are purely inspirational, so I don’t have a set ingredients list or quantities, I just tell you what I did so that you can feel confident chucking a Soup together like I do! Woohoo!

I started with Thai Green Paste, Coconut Milk and Vegetable Stock as a flavour base. Then added some green stuff like corgette, kale, a handful of green lentils and some sunflower seeds. Chopping the ingredients small enough to cook well… I added some baby corn and red pepper for a splash of colour and a spinkling of Brown Rice for some bulk.

My Nan… who’s an omni and lives on sausage rolls and cream cakes (*facepalm*) absolutely LOVED this! She wouldn’t stop going on about it! She was right though… it was bloody delicious if i do say so myself! I will be making it again, and urge you to give it a go if thai food is your thing!

I am creating a lovely stock of paste recipes at the moment and Thai Green Paste will be coming soon, so once it has been added, you will find it here!

Eat more soup!

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