Sausage Casserole Risotto 

Mama’s back with a brand new dish!

Not only that… but she has also made a video recipe for your viewing pleasure! I’m going to stop talking about myself in 3rd person now… it was ME!!! 

Here is the ingredients list, which I assume will be helpful to you:

This serves 4 adult human people.

Righto… pre-heat your oven to 210c and grab your bestymost casserole dish thing. Drizzle in some oil and your diced onion. Lay your sausages on top (I use Linda McCartney) and sprinkle the mustard seeds in.

Chuck it in the oven for about 8 minutes, or until everything is a bit softer! This means you can easily chop up your sausages into bite size pieces. Add the minced garlic and slide it back in for a few minutes.

Oooh the aromas! Pretty much everything else gets thrown in now, apart from the peas. Make sure the rice is covered by the stock and in it goes again for about 20-25minutes, or until the rice has absorbed nearly all the stock. Then all you have to do is add the frozen peas and spoon some in anything that resembles a solid half sphere. We call them bowls in human land.

Eat it and go to bed.

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