End of the week reads


Every Friday, I will be sharing blog posts that I have found insightful, interesting or useful with you all!
I LOVE learning and growing daily and have so much still to find.
Each week will be on a different subject, from minimalism or veganism to happiness or respectful parenting… hopefully you will find something to indulge in with a mug of something warm and a quite place to sit.

This week, for obvious reasons, I am focusing on respectful parenting at Christmas time.
I managed to remember 5 that I connected with, hopefully that’s enough to kick start your Christmas with confidence in your parenting values!

First I want to start with my favorite respectful parenting blogger. She is fantastic! I particularly love Sara’s writing style, she is a very talented and inspirational woman and I am so happy to have stumbled across her work this year. Here is her particularly wonderful post on sticking to your values when surrounded by family and friends… you can read the post here!


The second post is written by the wonderful Racheous! I love the way she is unapologetically herself and takes no prisoners when it comes to standing for the rights of children! Here she is tackling a very controversial subject in today’s society… Santa! Click here to see what she has to say…


This next one is written by Kate at Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids. There are a few good tips here to help deal with overly touchy/kissy Grandma’s and respecting a child’s right to say ‘No, I don’t want to sit on Santa’s lap’. You can read that post in this link…


A difficult subject around the holidays is divorce. This is a reality for many families and it can be a very difficult time for all involved… all the more reason to empathise and work together help your child heal and make sure Christamas is still a special and magical time! This post has some wonderful advice, so if this is your situation, Aha! Parenting has your back.


Lastly, I’m pinging back to my favorite blogger… let’s jump straight to Christmas day and beyond! This is a fab article about how gifts should be given to children. The whole point of a gift is to give something without payment, but that’s often not how children recieve gifts. Read more on that here.

happiness is here christmas

I hope you have a wonderful time with the children in your life this year!
What are your plans for Christmas? Are you worried about being questioned on your parenting by judgmental relatives? Or does your extended family share and respect your values?

End of the week reads

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