End of the week reads

This week, I want to focus on one of the things that I find super challenging in my household…
Navigating the tricky world of siblings!
I am sure you will find these posts inspirational and take some great tools away with you for the new year!

Jitterberry has some awesome siblings posts, so I’m going to share two of her’s with you. The first is about navigating sibling disagreements with respectful parenting. This situation comes up often in my house and I find this the hardest to deal with. Reading blogs posts often gives me a boost in my strength to be able to take a deep breath and help my kids work through it.

Another great one by Jitterberry is about sibling jealousy. She brings up so many things I hadn’t even thought about. I was so sure I was a fair parent, but fairness means different things to different people! So have a read and let me know what you think!

Photo by Jitterberry

Another amazing article on sibling rivalry is this one by Janet Lansbury. She is an awesome child advocate who is very well educated when it comes to child psychology. I highly recommend having a read through her website!

Photo by Weird Vegan Lady
change is good 2

Happiness is here, as you know, is my favorite respectful parenting blogger! This post, written by Sara, is a brilliant all rounder on parenting siblings respectfully and encouraging connected sibling relationships.

Photo by Happiness is here

Those who have researched respectful parenting know that our past experiences as children cause the way in which we react to our own children. So if you grew up with a sibling yourself, old habits can be hard to break and you may find yourself feeling triggered when your children are struggling with each other. So staying calm in the chaos of arguments and ill feeling between siblings is a huge tool when it comes to helping them work through it. Racheous tackles that brilliantly here with her post parenting respectfully when triggered.

Photo by Weird Vegan Lady
vegans and childism 4

I hope you enjoyed all those wonderful blog posts! Do let me know what you took away from them and i’d love to hear your experiences when helping your children through life with brothers and sisters!
See you soon!

x Amy x

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