‘Stop overthinking things…’

Recently I shared a question on Facebook. I was unsure about where I stood on something parenting related and so I reached out to gather other people’s experiences. I thought that perhaps my own childhood experiences may have been clouding my judgement and I wanted to make sure I made an unbiased decision for my children.
The decision was only one that my husband and I could make for them, once they are ‘old enough’ to understand, telling them would remove the need to make the decision at all. So I needed some ideas from others.
Everyone was really helpful and it was interesting to hear so many differing opinions and experiences based on the same situation.

There was one thing that kept cropping up though.
Lots of people kept saying this one phrase that really bothered me.

‘Stop overthinking things…’

I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.
Those who were saying it were very well meaning. They were trying to save me from worrying too much and causing myself any aggravation. I totally understood that, but still.
I didn’t like it.
Every time someone said it, I found myself frowning at my screen.

‘Stop overthinking things…’

Should I?
Am I making this out to be an issue when it’s not?
Does it matter?
Is it important?
Am I just worrying about nothing?

stop overthinking things 2

‘Stop overthinking things…’

Why does this statement irritate me?
Why am I having such strong feelings about this?
Why can’t I stop thinking about it?
What is overthinking?
Am I overthinking overthinking?

‘Stop overthinking things…’

It wasn’t until the next morning, lying in bed having a morning snuggle with my daughter, that I finally realised why it had bothered me so much.
‘Stop overthinking things’ – to me, is another way of saying – ‘It doesn’t matter.’

But it does matter.
It matters a great deal to me.
It is important.
Just because it doesn’t matter to others does not mean it doesn’t matter.
I started to wonder what would have happened if people had always listened when others told them to stop overthinking things…

stop overthinking things 3

I wonder what would have happened if someone told Emily Wilding Davison (one of the most famous of the Suffragettes) before she threw herself under the king’s horse at the Derby that she should ‘stop overthinking things’?

I wonder if Marie Curie would have helped develop the worlds first x-ray machines if she’d have listened when someone told her to ‘stop overthinking things’?

I wonder if Oprah Winfrey would have become the first woman to own her own talk show if someone had told her she was ‘overthinking things’.

I wonder if Dorothy Hodgkin would have been awarded the Nobel prize for her work on the discoveries of the structure of both penicillin and insulin if she’d have taken ‘stop overthinking things’ seriously?

Those who want to stay in the comfortable bubble of ‘this is the way things have always been’ are the ones who encourage others to stop thinking too much.
Personally, I think that’s really dangerous.
I strongly believe the world needs people who question and evaluate ‘what we’ve always done’ and don’t blindly follow the system because everyone else does too.

It’s the only way we will ever see positive change for our children in our society.
From social injustices to the education system to mass consumerism all the way to seemingly smaller things like childhood traditions.
If you question something, look into it and end up with the same opinion you already had in the first place, that’s cool too!
Reevaluating and investigating everything is so important.

stop overthinking things 1

If something is unimportant to someone else, does it mean it’s not important at all?
The vast majority of men who existed before the early 20th century (and unfortunatly some who exist today) would have deemed women’s rights as unimportant and overthought.
Did that make the Suffragette movement unimportant?

Before we tell someone to ‘stop over thinking things’ because we feel the issue is small enough not to be considered a problem, perhaps we should take a moment to remember those who have stood for something ‘insignificant’ and ended up changing the world as we know it.

What really is the alternative to ‘overthinking’ things?
Not thinking at all?

I don’t know about you, but I would rather teach my children to question everything that have them blindly follow the herd.

‘Stop overthinking things…’


stop overthinking things

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Don Lotus says:

    I think you’re my favourite person for the day. I preferably like to chase down a thought to its optimal conclusion. Some would prefer things just get done and sometimes the priority might go for timely execution than go through full assessment, analysis and conclusion. If its something you’re passionate about with no deadline, why compromise? There is sometimes the opportunity to have another go at something and get it done better later as you repeat with more experience.

    All the best WVL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weirdveganlady says:

      I like being someone’s favourite person for the day! 🙂
      So glad you enjoyed it!


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