Eco-friendly tips

Being Eco friendly is something I have thought more and more about since being opened up to the world of vegan!
Veganism, for me, started for the love of animals! It then morphed into a desire to be as healthy as possible, aside from the odd hormonal binge of course!

I watched Cowspiracy pretty early on in my journey, I think it was actually my second vegan documentary, but it really only cemented my decision to change my lifestyle to veganism.
It showed me that going animal product free had the largest positive impact, on a monumental scale, when it came to cleaning up our beautiful planet.
It wasn’t really until I discovered minimalism that I realised just how much stuff I wasted, and how much more I could do!

Veganism was really just the door I opened, I’m still looking around the place and discovering new trinkets of knowledge everyday. And I’ve gotta tell you… it’s so much fun!
This is a whole new world, a whole new life and one I feel so good about.
I have never been this happy within myself.
I feel like I have a purpose and I am part of a wonderful tribe of people, all working together to create a better world.
It honestly feels like the most beautiful community, and these are my people!
All of us, equally doing the best we can, and supporting each other!
I love you dudes!

Gushing aside… Here I am doing my part, writing my blog and getting the message out there a bit further, little by little!
I thought it would be cool to share with you all my top 5, arguably easiest tips, tricks or products to help you delve further into being an advocate for a cleaner planet, and save you time and cash along the way!

See, this is the thing I have found… we all know that convenience stores charge extra for the same products you can find cheaper elsewhere and we accept that – in our rush to get where we are going.
The same is true for the vast majority of actual ‘convenience’ products.
For example, the point I made about reusable menstrual pads in my video.
It sure is convenient to have a pre-packaged pad and be able to discard it when we are done, without giving it a second thought.
But women spend roughly ยฃ120 per year on tampons and pads!
That is extortionate considering it’s, more often than not, something we cannot avoid!
It also makes me pretty angry to note that we pay tax on our ‘period wear’ because it is classed as a ‘luxury item’!
I would go on a feminist rant right now, but i’m pretty sure we can all agree on the injustice behind that, so lets just get back to the original point!

Choosing to swap your ‘throw away’ items with reusable ones, saves cash-money while saving the planet!
All the while sticking two fingers up to the system!
Such a win/win/win situation!
I am constantly finding new re-usable items and even sometimes realising what I can give up completely!
I just want to shout it out to everyone, haha!
Super hippyified weird green vegan lady… and proud!

I called on my awesome facebook followers and asked for their ideas and habits and they gave me loads of fabulously easy tips!
Here is a list of eco-friendly things you can change in your everyday life:

Joseph suggested to stop using straws and get a reusable cup from your favorite coffee house so you don’t keep using the plastic-lined cardboard ones which we can’t recycle!

Ruth is also a fan of cloth pads/menstrual cups.
Package free toiletries eg: Lush (they do some awesome bars of vegan haircare)
Safety razor.
Buy loose fruit and veg and use cotton produce bags!

Dan G made a great suggestion I hadn’t thought about… Look into switching to green household energy from the likes of The Good Energy or Green Network Energy.

Dan B added – Create less waste. Look in your bin to see what you’re responsible for and find ways to reduce it.
Homemade EVERYTHING – from food to plant milk, laundry detergent, soap and shampoo to cosmetics there’ll be a recipe online for it. It’ll be cheaper too.
Don’t have any more children.

Melanie was super excited about her razor! ‘Safety Razor fo sho!
Re usable mesh bags for buying fruits and veggies instead of using single use plastic bags. Can wash the produce inside the bags to.
Hemp or cotton reusable make up remover pads.
Bamboo toothbrush.
Little pack of bamboo or metal cutlery for out and about lunches.
Silicone covers instead of cling film.
Menstrual cups.
Bamboo and natural bath brush.’

Dustinwade is passionate about ditching straws!

And the lovely Sue said – ‘Plan meals to cut out any waste, use freecycle (or similar site) to reuse unwanted or needed items, washing clothes, are they really dirty? Too easy to chuck barely worn items in the wash, waste detergent, water, energy. Iโ€™m not saying wear dirty stuff, just be thoughtful. Bulk buy cupboard staples, saves extra or unnecessary trips to supermarkets, then try to shop locally. A cheap online shopping slot, save taking the car out so environmentally friendly!’

Here is the link to discover your Eco Egg! and another handy link for the reusable pads!

Thank you to all those who made suggestions!
What is your favorite Eco-friendly tip?
Is there anything you feel encouraged to change?

Till next time folks!
Never stop the weirdness!

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