100 ways to be weird

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Hello fellow weirdos!
Let’s get the awkward bollocks over with… this is my new ‘name’!

100 ways 2

So as many of you probably already know, I have decided to drop the word ‘vegan’ from my name…
Dun dun duuuuun!!
For those of you who are discovering my blog for the first time, up until now, I have been known as Weird Vegan Lady.
The reasons for me rejecting the vegan term have nothing to do with the way I live my life, I will always believe in the vegan viewpoint and live my life accordingly… I just don’t want to be associated with the movement as it stands.
If you would like to know what the final straw for me was, you can read that blog post by clicking here.

Although the reasons for me dropping the vegan title are specifically about the animal rights movement, it also works pretty well for what I do here and on social media.
Many vegans were confused and sometimes angry with me when I was sharing information about other things I care about, and I understand the confusion, with a name like Weird Vegan Lady one could assume that I don’t care about anything other than animal liberation but the truth is… I am capable of caring about other things with equal amounts of passion, and … I do.

But why 100 Ways to be Weird?
Well… the truth is… I am really weird.
Through my entire life I have never felt like I have ever really fit in anywhere.
And when I discovered veganism, which then lead me onto a journey that changed the way I looked at the world completely! I genuinely though I had found a group of people that I was totally comfortable around, but… no…

Vegans don’t tend to extend compassion to humans.
Feminists can be TERFS.
Men are just… just no.
Respectful parents can be pretty judgy.
Environmentalists aren’t vegan.
Home schoolers literally do the same as school, but at home…

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it’s been, which has been… fun.
Basically, in every group of people I feel drawn to, there are at LEAST 3 reasons for them to think I’m weird and those things always seem to come up!
I’m used to it, I have always been the outsider… little miss quirky, the rebel, or probably just the annoying one to be honest…
I embrace it now!
I am weird and I am going to do my best to educate you on all my weird from veganism to feminism, being an introvert to intersectionalism, human rights to my weird thing about touching fleece that makes my throat close up nngggaahh!!
And lots more, so be ready for some f’ed up shit mixed with a lot of important stuff and hairy pits…

So yeah…
See you around!


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