Day 19 – A severed arm and a sink.

I am having a little case of writers block at the moment, hence the lack of update since day 14!
This post will be short and sweet as I am currently binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix and stalling whilst I try and think of something to write! Haha!
Though I know this post will be less, um, writer-y (see what I mean!?) than my other blogs, I want to make sure I ‘keep my hand in’, make sure there is something for me to look back on and for others to look at when they are going through the same stages.
Lot’s can happen in the space of a few days at this stage of recovery.

Sobriety is going good.
I still feel strong.
Insomnia was better last night, I managed to get to sleep around 10ish. I found a great meditative sleepy music audio thing on YouTube. It had a black screen so I was able to stream it to my TV, which turns itself off after a couple of hours, so I didn’t have to worry about the screen being to bright or the TV running all night.

TMI warning… I have been having a dodgy tummy the last few days. Only in the mornings for some reason. It feels like my morning coffee (possibly) is aggravating my stomach but there is no way in the fiery pits of hell I am giving that up any time soon!
You can try yanking that out of my cold, dead hands and I’ll still cling on for dear afterlife!

One other thing to note is that I have developed a sweet tooth.
I am not a sweets person at all, I’d much rather have two dinners than end with pudding, but I have found myself buying and making sweet things almost everyday since I gave up alcohol and my clothes are definitely getting tighter.
I really thought I would lose some weight dropping the calories that a bottle of wine gave me every night, but I am eating 3 meals a day now and snacking on extra treats!
It is apparently pretty common for addicts to gain weight after they quit.
I guess the money saved on booze can go on a new wardrobe then, until I get my shit together!

Anyway, something creepy is happening on Jessica Jones involving a severed arm and a sink, so I gotta go…


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