Hi! Welcome to my world!
My name is Amy and I am a British human woman in my 30’s.
I have 3 children and I love to write.

If you want to get into labels, I am a pro-intersectional, feminist, plantbased, unschooling, respectful parenting, minimalist, greysexual, panromantic, introverted, gender non-conforming, activist who has various mental health issues. Is that descriptive enough?

I was drawn to start this website purely for plant based recipes and changing people’s minds about vegan food, but since then, my life has changed dramatically, and I have a wider message to get out there!
I believe in all the big aspects of my life wholeheartedly, and I am driven by the hopes of helping others and creating a better world.

So if you are here for just one of my quirks or many… hello! I hope you find something to help, or at least entertain you while you’re on the loo. Don’t forget to wash your hands…

Have a snoop around, tell me my food looks awful, that i’m a terrible parent or that I ‘focus on too many issues’ if you like, it’s all good… i’ll still carry on anyway with my short hair and weirdisms.

Happy reading!